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 Growth grants for businesses
during Covid-19 outbreak

Sander Family - We19 Community members

The House for Social Solidarity launched WE19 as its first project. It ran from October 2020 to August 2021. The idea for the venture was born as a direct result of the severe economic effects of the Covid-19 on small Israeli enterprises, especially those established between January 2019 and September 2020. These businesses have been supported by growth grants of up to 50,000 NIS through this venture.

Businesses selection was done using a "colleagues selection" algorithm, a new approach to philanthropy.

7,382 business owners who applied for grants were able to select other businesses that in their view deserved the grant, anonymously, randomly, and based on discretion and business expertise.

Thanks to the colleagues selection, 2,340 business owners were selected by a majority vote to receive grants!

Hana and Moti Sander

"Moringa Forests" Nurseries

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100,000,000 ₪

Have been granted

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2,340 businesses

Have participated

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Up to 50,000 ₪

For each business

Photo from an event for the We19 community

WE19 Community

From the day The House for Social Solidarity was established, we have been able to help 2,340 businesses get the little boost they needed. During this unique selection process, business owners got to know their colleagues' personal stories up close, and in retrospect something much bigger was created - a nationwide community of small businesses.

Since winning the grant, the business owners are privileged to be part of a community that encourages collaborations, mutual support, and opportunities for knowledge sharing, as well as to participate in events and activities that we initiate for them regularly.

Photo from an event for the We19 community
Photo from an event for the We19 community

Lectures and Events

In terms of management, a solid financial base can certainly be beneficial, but it isn't the only tool available. As a business owner, you must control a variety of issues in order to move forward and achieve your goals. Therefore, we decided to provide WE19 Community members with more than just financial assistance - we also want to impart basic knowledge that can help them run their businesses effectively.


Since the grants were distributed, we have been organizing numerous events, some online and some physically, in which we offer team members lecturers, instructors, and mentors with specialized knowledge on various topics. These are the past events that have already occurred:



During the WE19 initiative we operated dozens of volunteers who operated online and responded to public inquiries via a range of communication channels. Our service representatives were in fact the face of the Social Solidarity Foundation, and for that we appreciate and cherish them even long after the end of the venture. Dear volunteers, thank you for all the patience, courtesy, and hard work you have done and still do, for the business owners.


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