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Nice to meet you,
The House for 
Social Solidarity

by the Shashua family foundation

Inbar Shashua Bar-Nir & Adi Atun Lapidot

The House for Social Solidarity was founded in 2020 as a result of civic responsibility during Covid-19 outbreak. The Israeli economy relies heavily on small businesses therefore it is so important to keep them thriving and ensure their survival.

Our goal is to provide a safe and supportive environment for small Israeli businesses to rehabilitate, grow, and develop, while emphasizing values such as innovation and solidarity. 


Since our establishment we have been working to form a large community of business owners, to encourage partnerships and mutual support between them, and to create a supportive environment that includes ongoing guidance and counseling, professional tools and financial assistance. 


 Founders of the House for Social Solidarity

Anat Ramaty Shashua

Anat Ramaty Shashua

A social entrepreneur. specializes in the areas of children and youth at risk. Chairman of the Or Shalom organization and founder of the Aharon Shandor NGO. Holds a master's degree in educational counseling specializing in special education.

Prof. Amnon Shashua

Prof. Amnon Shashua

Professor of Computer Science at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Founder and CEO of MobilEye and Orcam, senior vice president of Intel. Focuses on developing the future of artificial intelligence in a variety of areas of life.


Our Team

Adi Atun Lapidot - Co-CEO

Adi Atun Lapidot - Co-CEO

Specializes in philanthropy that has a connection and affinity to the social world. Holds a MBA in social leadership from the Mandel Foundation - Israel.

Inbar Shashua Bar-Nir - Co-CEO

Inbar Shashua Bar-Nir - Co-CEO

Experienced in project management with a focus on at-risk populations. Holds a MBA in social leadership from the the Mandel Foundation - Israel.

Bar Even-Chen - Financial Manager
Eitan Shabtay - Product Manager
Nofar Gutlon - Business Relations Manager

Bar Even-Chen - Financial Manager

Holds a BA in Business Administration with specialization in Accounting. Has about 10 years of experience as an accountant at the professional department of the KPMG firm.

Eitan Shabtay - Product Manager

Experienced in product management and technology product development, specializing in Internet and mobile applications.

Nofar Gutlon - Business and Partnerships Manager

Holds a BA in political and social science, experienced in the world of urban philanthropy.

Yoni Sternschein - CTO

Yoni Sternschein -

Head of Technology

Web developer. Graduate of the MAMRAM unit, IDF. Holds a BSC in computer science, experienced in website designing and application programming.

Shir Linden Franz - Administrative Coordinator

Shir Linden Franz - Social &

Administrative Coordinator

Holds a BA & diploma in Graphic Design, and very experienced performing office administration duties. In charge of operating and administering the team. 

Ofir Unger - Community Manager

Ofir Ungar - Community and Communication Manager

Holds a BA degree in logistics and economics. Experienced with communities and volunteers. Leads the WeR1 community and manages the social media and classic marketing.

Our Team

Board of Directors

Hilla Shnizik - Chairman

Hilla Shnizik

Chairman of the Board

A human resources specialist.

Holds a master's degree in business administration from the Hebrew University. 

Extensive experience in human resource management in high-tech and communications companies in Israel, including compensation, employee welfare and recruitment. 

Dr. Aviva Bar Nir

Dr. Aviva Bar Nir

Education specialist. Holds a master's degree in special education and a PhD from the Hebrew University. Currently director of practical training at David Yellin Academic College of Education and lecturer in special education. Member of the Board of Directors and a member of the professional committee of the organization "Or Shalom," which provides out-of-home care to children, youth, and young people who have been evicted from their homes. 

Dorothy Goor

Dorothy Goor

Founder and director of the Raanana Women's Football Club. Works for the Raanana municipality and is responsible for promoting the field of girls' soccer in the city. In the past, worked in the field of midwifery, managing training and service centers for young families, as a doula and birth counselor in California. Worked in the marketing department of Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami. Holds a bachelor's degree in social sciences and public health from Tufts University and a master's degree in medical administration from Florida International University. 

Yossi Heymann

Yossi Heymann

Eshel's CEO of JDC Israel for the past 8 years. Was the general director of the Jerusalem Municipality and served in the IDF in various positions in the infantry, including a battalion commander in the Golani, Brigadier General Binyamin, commander of the officers 'school, infantry and chief paratrooper, commander of the paratroopers' division and head of the strategic division.

Adv. Devorah Mayman Patt

Adv. Devorah Mayman Patt

CEO of the IVN Fund. Previously, held senior management positions at AIPAC-AIEF ISRAEL, and before that worked as an attorney in the field of national infrastructure. In her volunteer activities, was an active board member of the Israel Museum. Holds a law degree from Georgetown University and a bachelor's degree with honors from Vassar College.

Daphna Neumann

Daphna Neumann

Holds a master's degree in business administration. Has 15 years of experience in managing book publishing and 4 years of producing events for the business sector. Has been involved in volunteering and social activities For many years. Has been a host family for at-risk youth, and a board member of Variety and Azrieli College.

Pini Segal

Pini Segal

Vice President of Human Resources and Finance throughout his 17-year tenure at Mobileye. Pini was the CFO of Or Shalom, an organization for children, youth and young people at risk in Israel. He was also a member of Kibbutz Eyal for about 17 years and held various management positions. Holds a bachelor's degree in economics and management as well as a master's degree (finance and information systems) from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Doron Sagie

Doron Sagie

Has 15 years of experience in the hotel industry in Israel and the US. Founded Amit Systems in 1998, a company that specializes in security, investigations and protection. Since then he has been the general manager of the group, which is active in Israel, and it also markets technological systems abroad.



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